Over the past year, we’ve shown up for our family and friends by not showing up at all. We’ve had to replace our get-togethers and meetings for virtual ones, all for a safe and healthy world for everyone. But the truth is, there are still times when you do have to show up – holidays, health concerns, family check-ins. The question is, how do you show up and do it safely?

With guaranteed availability starting at 10 hours’ notice and industry-leading, multi-million-dollar safety protocols, a Sentient Jet Card offers all the comfort and convenience of private travel so you can make the connections you need safely, responsibly and efficiently. Plus, as a card owner you’ll also gain access to 15% efficiency discounts on qualifying round-trip travel.

As a fellow supporter of the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens, Sentient is pleased to extend you the opportunity to fly with a Sentient 25-Hour Jet Card. What's more, new jet card owners will also receive one complimentary hour of flight time and a $2,500 donation to the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens made by Sentient Jet*.

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Offering the most sensible, intelligent choice in private aviation, no matter which Sentient Jet Card you choose, you’ll gain access to all-inclusive fixed rates, guaranteed availability starting at 10 hours notice, seamless booking, jet card hours that never expire, and more.




Sentient Jet’s 25-Hour Jet Card (SJ25) combines flexibility with outstanding quality and value for Light Jet flyers. Cardholders enjoy fixed, all-inclusive hourly rates, along with a series of exclusive benefits to take advantage of year-round.

  • All-inclusive hourly rates locked-in for 12 months
  • Jet Card hours that never expire
  • 15% efficiency discounts on qualifying round-trip travel
  • Upgrade to another jet size at fixed hourly rates
  • Guaranteed availability with 10 hours notice

25-HOUR PRICE: $147,275
HOURLY RATE: $5,891 




Sentient Jet has added a new level of flexibility and service in order to better fit the way you fly. The SJ25+ Card offers 25 hours of dedicated access to the most popular Sentient Certified — and Wi-Fi enabled — aircraft available today. Complete with guaranteed availability in as little as 10 hours for the Mid and Super-Mid category and 24 hours for Large Cabin flying, SJ25+ offers competitive, all-inclusive fixed rates.

  • Premier aircraft with guaranteed, complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Lock in hourly rates for 12 full months
  • Jet Card hours never expire
  • Upgrade or downgrade to another jet size at fixed hourly rates
  • Up to 15% efficiency discounts on qualifying round-trip travel

STARTING AT $196,250


For over twenty years, Sentient has been a pioneer in private aviation, inventing industry standards like the Jet Card, and developing a premium experience that stands alone in the field.


    Sentient Jet works with a world-class group of independent jet operators who must complete our extensive certification process, ensuring the highest levels of safety and service are met. Our clients are our highest priority-this meticulously selected group of expert operators provide confidence to Cardholders while affording us access to fleet of quality aircraft so we can deliver the utmost flexibility. We created the industry’s first private jet card, providing value and flexibility to Cardholders when purchasing private jet travel time in hourly increments – paying only for the hours they fly.


    Sentient Jet has continued to perfect the jet card model for 20 years, making it the preferred alternative to jet ownership, fractional arrangements, and other jet card program. Our mobile app also allows you to book your flights with just a few taps on your iOS or Android device


    At Sentient Jet, we’re driven by a culture of safety and service – to protect our greatest asset: our clients. Because safety is of utmost importance, we certify every single aircraft, pilot, crew, and flight that flies in our program. Our operators are also tested annually and our safety standards exceed FAA Part 135 regulations in various categories.


    We are driven by our belief that we must earn our Jet Cardholders’ loyalty each and every time they fly. This inspires us to make each private jet travel experience an extraordinary one. Supported by an extensive 24/7 customer service operation, we are relentless in our commitment to delivering truly personalized service.

Join over 8,000 Sentient Jet Cardholders and take off with a Sentient Jet Card today
The Sentient Jet 25-Hour Card and Sentient Jet 25-Hour Plus Card are programs of Sentient Jet, LLC (Sentient®), an “Air Charter Broker” under DOT regulations. Sentient acts as authorized agent for the Cardholder, which is the “Charterer” under DOT regulations, to contract for transportation services with FAR Part 135 Direct Air Carriers that operate and exercise full operational control over those flights at all times. Flights will be sourced through the proprietary Sentient Certified™ Network of Direct Air Carriers that meet all FAA or comparable foreign safety standards and additional safety standards established by Sentient.

*Offer valid for new Sentient Jet Cardholders only and cannot be combined with other offers.